There are many options for wedding jewelry for the couple rings, their parents thank you surprise and even to give the best groomsmen gifts. These metals can have different qualities and characteristics. Here are some of them:

best groomsmen gifts

Modern and vintage styles

There is a wide variety of wedding jewelry available in the market today. As antique-themed weddings have become more popular, vintage jewelry has been gaining in popularity. There are many types of antique jewelry available on the market today. And this trend is only expected to grow. If you are looking for a vintage look to your wedding day, vintage style engagement rings may be a good choice. The wedding band can be created using vintage-inspired fonts, such as serif or old-style Script.

Alternatives to platinum

Platinum is an expensive and rare metal. For thousands of years, jewelers have used this precious metal in jewelry. It is both hard and corrosive resistant. It also has many other benefits as a jewelry metal, such as being hypoallergenic, being scratch resistant, and being durable. As an added benefit, platinum ages beautifully.

Colorful designs

Trends in bridal jewelry are changing as more brides are choosing to make personal choices, instead of sticking to the traditional wedding options. Brides are supporting local designers and brands that share their values. Some even repurpose heirloom jewelry to make it more eco-friendly. While brides can’t always afford the latest jewelry, they can still make a statement with wedding bands and headbands. One bride chose to wear a black hair accessory for her flower crown.

Symbolism of blue sapphire

The sapphire gemstone is a versatile and beautiful stone. The brilliant blue color is associated with sympathy, loyalty, and friendship. It has also been associated with the heavens and was a popular choice for priests as a sign of their connection to the heavens. In ancient times, sapphires were thought to protect their wearers from harm. Today, sapphires are still popular in wedding jewelry.

Tradition of wearing pearls

Since the dawn of civilization, pearls have been a part of wedding jewelry. It’s been said that pearls symbolize purity and innocence, and the lore surrounding pearls can be traced back to the Rig Veda, the oldest and most important Hindu scripture. It recounts the story of god Krishna unearthing the first pearl in the sea, then giving it to his daughter to wear on her wedding day. This tradition was adopted by many other cultures, and the Hindus and Greeks believed that wearing pearls on their wedding day would bring marital bliss and prevent newlywed brides from crying.