A person standing next to a dog

Natural dog food vendors claim that, like a human’s body, a dog’s body is designed to heal itself. Therefore, providing your pet with dog food made from all-natural ingredients will go a long way towards enhancing your pet’s health, improving the shine of her coat, increasing her energy level, and giving her the best possible quality of life for the longest time. All natural pet foods are almost as remarkable for what they don’t contain as for what they do.

For example, the commitment to using highest-quality ingredients means the best meats, no grain by-products, no artificial dyes, and no chemical preservatives. Instead, the manufacturers use only the flesh of chickens or lamb and preserve their products with Tocopherols and Vitamins E and C. Unlike grocery store brands, natural food manufacturers forego using cereal grain by-products such as corn cobs, peanut hulls, wood fibers, citrus pulp, and weeds.

Human Grade Ingredients

Natural food intended for your dog is often made of human grade ingredients, ingredients considered by the Food and Drug Administration to be fit for human consumption. Unlike grocery store dog food, natural foods contain no animal by-products such as chicken beaks and feet, bones, blood, and feathers. Natural foods are most often oven-baked to promote easy and efficient absorption by your pet.

If your pet is getting older and has been eating grocery store dog food, it’s important to get her started on natural food as soon as possible. Online you will find vendors selling natural dog food in the form of kibble, nuggets, or dry/water. You will also find natural dog treats and safe dog chews made from all-natural ingredients. Look for vendors who offer free shipping and discounts for repeat customers, and you will find that premium all-natural food is affordable.