Tennis bracelets have returned to the mainstream after Chris Evert’s loss of hers at the U.S. Open made history. This classic piece of jewelry is a must for anyone who likes big bling or luxe looks.

A diamond tennis bracelet from harrychadent.co.uk/collections/tennis-bracelets can add sparkle to any outfit. Find out what to look for in these ultra-luxe fine jewellery pieces.


Diamond tennis bracelets should be a part of every jewelry collection. Their elegant and regal appearance transcends generations and trends. At Ritani, you can choose from a wide range of stunning bracelets. The classic diamond Tennis bracelet is composed of a continuous row of identical links with a diamond, made in white or platinum. The flexible design allows for the gems to glide along your wrist and catch light from every angle.


The diamonds range in size from 1 carat up to 10 carats. This wide range of options allows you to find the diamond tennis bracelet which suits your personality and budget. If you prefer a delicate and understated look, we offer bracelets with diamonds of one-carat size that exude sophistication and understatement. We also have two-carat diamond bracelets that provide a balance of presence and wearability. We have five-carat tennis bracelets that are a dramatic and bold statement of elegance.

To ensure you’re getting the perfect fit, it’s important to determine your tennis bracelet size correctly. Measuring the wearer’s wrist is one of the most straightforward methods to find the right bracelet size. You can measure the wrist size with a flexible tape or by tying a piece of ribbon or string around their wrist and cutting it. Once you have the measurement, add one to two and a quarter inches to it in order to calculate bracelet size.

Another factor to consider is the setting. Tennis bracelets can be found with innovative settings, such as bezels or prongs. These settings are made of metal spikes to hold the diamonds. They can be customized with a unique aesthetic.

When choosing a tennis bracelet, the shape of the diamonds will also be a factor. You can also find bracelets that feature princess cut, oval, or marquise diamonds. We recommend that you explore all the options before making a final decision.


A diamond tennis bracelet can be worn as a casual piece or paired with other pieces to create a more formal jewelry set. It has stood the test of time as a classic yet trendy fashion accessory. A diamond bracelet is not only beautiful and elegant, but also represents love and commitment. It’s a great gift for someone you care about.

Tennis bracelets are made from any precious metal. There are no restrictions on this. This allows you to follow your own personal style and select the metal that you prefer. Platinum is a stunning alternative to sterling silver or gold. It has a richer, more elegant appearance. Our selection of tennis bracelets features a variety of options in all these different metals.

Setting is an important factor to take into consideration when choosing a tennis bracelet with diamonds. There are many different types of settings for this type jewellery. The most common is a row of diamonds held together by a metal band. For a more unique look, you can choose a cluster setting that has smaller diamonds set closer together to mimic the look of a larger single stone. This type of jewellery can be set in a variety of ways, including illusion settings and pave setting.

Once you’ve decided on the type of setting you want, you can then decide on the number and size of diamonds that you would like in your bracelet. The quality and size of the diamonds have a major impact on the price of the bracelet. The bracelet will cost more if the diamonds are larger in carat weight. When buying a diamond bracelet, you’ll want to keep your budget in mind, but also ensure that you choose a beautiful diamond that will last.


When shopping for a diamond tennis bracelet, you should consider your own personal style and how often you’ll wear it. A tennis bracelet should fit comfortably around your wrist, but it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Similarly, you’ll want to decide whether you want your diamonds to stand out or be more subdued and subtle.

The diamonds on a tennis bracelet are held in one of three types of settings: prong, channel or bezel. Each setting has its own unique look, and each offers a different level of security. Before purchasing your bracelet, it is important to decide which you prefer.

A prong setting holds each diamond with metal prongs, which is a secure and lightweight solution. These prongs can be found in a variety of bracelet styles, from the classic 4-prong setting to more intricate options like the illusion setting. The illusion setting makes use of a clustering small diamonds, set close together, to make a diamond appear larger.

The channel setting is another popular option for a tennis band. It uses thin metal channels to hold the diamonds. These diamonds are channel-set neatly, evenly and in a straight line to create a sleek, modern look. Channel-set stones have a refined, modern appearance compared to prongs or illusion settings.

Bezel-set diamonds have a metal “bezel,” providing a secure and robust mounting. These bracelets can be a bit more expensive than the other two settings, but they offer a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Carat Weight

The carat weight plays a major role in diamond tennis bands, affecting the overall design, style and pricing. This is because bigger carats are typically more expensive, and the size of a diamond also impacts its clarity and color.

Carat weight is a personal choice that should be based upon your style, budget, and lifestyle. Ultimately, higher carats can produce more sparkle and brilliance. However, you can achieve the same effect with smaller stones if they have excellent clarity and are well-cut.

The first image set shows a range of bracelets in different carat sizes, from 1ct up to 3ct. As the carat increases, diamonds appear bigger, creating a more pronounced, dazzling appearance. For those who like a subtle look, the 1ct option is ideal, while 2ct and even 3ct are perfect for those who want a statement.

We recommend measuring your wrist with a flexible measuring tool to find the perfect bracelet size. It is best to measure your wrist with the bracelet on. This will give you an accurate measurement of its size. Once you know the size of your bracelet, you can browse our collection for the piece that is most suitable for your wrist.

You can also use a piece of paper to measure your wrist quickly and easily. You should measure your wrist length just below the elbow. This will be where your bracelet will rest when it is on.

It’s a good idea, if you want to avoid any damage to your diamonds, to wear your tennis bracelet with the hand that is not dominant. This will prevent your bracelet from getting scratched while doing everyday activities and will protect your diamonds against damage. It’s a great idea to avoid getting soap or water on your diamonds as this can reduce their brilliance.