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God’s own country in the southern reaches of the Indian Subcontinent is by no means an exaggeration of joys and beauty offered by Kerala. This little coastal state is famous for many features that you can view and enjoy, from stunning backwaters and beautiful forests all way to lush green forests, hills and a variety of flora and fauna. A trip to the country or even around it is incomplete without going down south and enjoying all that Kerala offers. And if you fancy yourself a trip to this fabled land, here are some places for you to visit

    1. Kochi

First on the list is the little town of Kochi, often also known as. Cochin. It’s a coastal town and features a port that’s been around for ages. It’s a natural harbour as a flood carved it out. Its historical significance over the countless centuries of its existence has made it the destination for all those who wish to explore the history of India. The city has plenty of places for one to visit, ranging from forts, palaces, beaches and a synagogue. You can go around all these picturesque little wonders of the city and experience all that it has to offer.

    1. Alappuzha

If the hustle and bustle of the city don’t rock your boat, then why not go boating (literally) instead? The city of Alappuzha is on the Laccadive Sea and is famous for cruises of all kinds. You can explore the beaches it has to offer, pay your respects at the local temple, stare wondrously at the lighthouse, visit the local basilica or enjoy history at the museum and place around the city.

    1. Munnar

Those who don’t find their equilibrium in cities or beaches are the beauty of a hill station that hits all the right notes. The town mentioned here is located in the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats. A resort back in the days of colonization, Munnar is surrounded by hills, tea plantations and a lot of greenery that is both soothing to the soul and a beautiful site to take in. When in the area, feel free to visit the national park the little hill station offers.

    1. Kovalam

Heading back to the coastal side of things, Kovalam is another coastal destination for you to visit. It has huge sandy beaches where the waves from the sea rush to kiss the beaches. There’s a lighthouse at the southern end of the aptly named lighthouse beach that you can also visit in case you wish to. Parks, beaches and cave temples are all the place has to offer.

    1. Thiruvananthapuram

The state’s capital is a bustling city distinguished by its colonial architecture and a long line of art galleries. You can visit temples, museums, beaches and even the local zoo to enjoy all that the state has to offer to make the most of your trip.

These are the top 5 places in Kerala that you must visit, and if you can’t hold on much, get your booking done for Kerala now.