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Create a consistent stream of content

YouTube is a modern media powerhouse with more than two billion users, thirty-million daily visitors and more than two hundred millions channels. YouTube processes over three billion searches each month. It makes sense to make the most of YouTube with all this traffic. Optimize your videos for search engine optimization. Make sure to add subtitles and closed captions. YouTube will be able to understand your videos by adding subtitles, which will improve your videos’ ranking in search results.

Optimize your video title

There are many factors to consider when optimizing your Youtube video for marketing. First, your primary keyword should be included in the title. The title should flow naturally throughout. It should be no more than 60 characters. Titles longer than that will be cut off. Second, the title should include your target keyword. In general, the title should be as descriptive as possible, but not too descriptive. And last, the title should contain at least five words and include the keyword you want to rank for.

Create a call-to action overlay

YouTube is eliminating the call to action overlay. But you can still make one. Call to actions extensions will appear under your video ads. They will have a larger call to-action button to direct viewers towards your website. These extensions are effective at driving traffic to your website and will remain visible after the viewer skips your video. To make your call to action overlay, please review the YouTube Advertising Policy.

Track your audience’s movements

YouTube marketing is not complete without audience research. You also need to understand your competitors’ content. A comprehensive competitive analysis will help determine your market position and identify areas where you can gain an edge. YouTube has many tools that can be used to analyze competitor data.

Optimize your channel description

To make YouTube more useful for marketing purposes, optimize your channel description. Your channel description is the first thing that Google sees when people type in the search box. It should contain relevant keywords and be as brief as possible. YouTube allows you link to your website and social media accounts. Your website link can drive traffic to your YouTube channel. You can also find the best place to buy youtube comments and increase the positioning of your videos.

Create a CTA

A CTA is a great way to get more subscribers to your YouTube marketing channel. YouTube offers end screen cards with several CTAs. YouTube Partner Program members can add links to their website and social media profiles. The Graham Norton Show channel uses end screen cards to promote popular content on their channel, such as a subscribe button. The Graham Norton Show also uses verbal cues to encourage viewers take action within their video script.