A dog sitting on a table

Are you someone who only wants the best for your four legged friend? Sometimes the dog food that can be purchase from many different retail stores is simply not safe for your pet. If you are someone who is interested in giving your pet only the finest when it come to dog food, then try making and giving them homemade food. You will need just a couple to things to get started with giving your dog the best nutrition and health possible.

Before giving anything to your beloved dog, either call your vet or take the time to make an appointment and talk with your vet about the food choices you are considering. Many dogs require certain items and many other do not. The dog’s health is the most important issue and you will never want to deprive them of any kind of essentials.

In order to make sure that you dog is getting and the nutrients and a very well balanced diet, make sure to understand the proper formula for making homemade dog food. The food must consist of 30 percent vegetables, 40 percent meat and only 30 percent of starches. If you are not sure what to include consider talking with your veterinarian for the proper ratio.

The best way to start your dog on homemade food is to start them on a mixture consisting of turkey, rice and different vegetables. Once your dog eats this and seems to like it well, move on to something else. Another kind of homemade dog food meal one can try is a mixture of beef, rice, and carrots.

Make sure your rotate the meals you feed your dog, to make sure they are getting they what they need to be healthy and what they like. For the starches your dog needs, use pasta, rice, oatmeal and even potatoes. If you want to make sure the food is okay for the dog to eat after a couple of days, just make sure to serve the dog food that was made three days prior to serving. Anything after that should be thrown away and a new batch of food made.

This comes from personal experience and also having a pet that tends to have a picky belly.