A dog sitting on a table

If you happen to watch the Rachael Ray Show, you know how much of a dog lover Rachael Ray is. She has been known to cry or tear up when topics such as animal abuse are addressed on her show and obviously expresses a strong passion to support dogs in anyway she can. As a dog owner herself to Isaboo, she talks about how important it is to make sure that dogs eat well. That, along with the fact that she is a fantastic cook, makes her the perfect person to launch a new dog food and dog treats line. To have extra funds for your fur baby’s needs, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via คาสิโนออนไลน์เชื่อถือได้.

The new line, called Rachael Ray™ Nutrish, has two types of dog food which is Real Beef and Brown Rice as well as Real Chicken and Veggies. The food contains items important to a dog’s health such as Calcium, proteins, Omega Fatty Acids, and antioxidants and leaves out the garbage that can be found in some other foods such as fillers, artificial flavors, preservatives and by-products.

In addition to the dog food, Rachael Ray also launched treats that are named after her dog. The Isaboo biscotti treats are crunchy and come in peanut butter flavor as well as bacon flavor. The Isaboo Grill Bites are chewy and come in bacon burger flavor as well as beef burger flavor.

As a pet owner myself, it makes me happy that a celebrity is actually doing something positive with their name to help animals. Not only has she launched a product that actually benefits dogs by allowing their owners to feed them food that isn’t bad for them, but the product also helps to support animals that aren’t lucky enough to have homes. Rachael Ray’s proceeds from the sales of Nutrish products goes to support Rachael’s Rescue. Rachael’s Rescue is an organization that helps shelter dogs and abandoned dogs that need all the help that they can get. They donate the proceeds to organizations such as Bad Rap and North Shore Animal League America. While I haven’t had personal experience with Bad Rap, I have had personal experience with North Shore Animal League America. They are the largest no kill animal shelter in the world as well as being known for rescuing thousands of animals each year. One of the pets that I have had over the years was adopted from there and they are a great organization that works very hard to do what they can for animals.

Rachael Ray Nutrish is available in most locations where dog food is sold.